Surviving Plane Rides



In order to travel you are going to have to go through a plane ride. Depending on the destination you would like to travel the plane ride duration is going to vary. For an example a plane ride to England is about nine hours. So before entering the plan you are going to need tips on how to survive a plane ride.

The first pointer is ensuring all of your electronics are charged before hand. This is the most important tip because you don’t want to be watching a movie and half way through your laptop dies. Next ensure you are wearing comfortable clothes as this is going to make the plane ride easier. The last tip is pack headphones because music does make time fly.

When I’m on a plane what helps me is getting the window seat. Also having someone who you know beside you so you can have a conversation. Next if it’s a morning flight get as little sleep as possible so you can sleep on the plane is what I like to do. Use the tip above and your plane ride will finish before you know it.

Jet, J. (2016, August 22) 15 Tips For Surviving a Long Flight



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